Aetas Mobile is in the process of becoming a mobile virtual network operator (mvno). We “piggy back” off of Cell C’s infrastructure to provide you with our unique service. So, in short, we are a mobile service operator with our own sim cards and unique value offering in the Mobile Service Industry.

Yes, you may purchase as many sim cards as you wish. You will also receive all the “free money” generated by purchases from these sim cards on your profile

To all the nosey shoppers, please take note: at Aetas Mobile we turned a normal business that usually consists of investors, the business and clients upside down. We don’t have investors, you, our client, is our investor. So instead of sharing most of our profits with investors, we choose to share our profits with you, our client. That is how we do what we do. Lekker clever hey!

Dial *140# from your phone and follow the menu.

Rica will take place online when you purchase your sim card. Please have your ID book with you on day of the delivery for confirmation of delivery.

No.We will never do that! Your “cash Back” to spend in our shop section ,which is stored in your account will be valid until the end of time!